Monday, December 31, 2012

Fast track horror?

It makes me very sad to even think of this. Imagine if there was already fast track courts for rape cases, and the death penalty for rapists. That night when that girl and her friend boarded the bus after watching The Life of Pi, perhaps they would have got home safely, because the men who raped her would have been scared of the consequences of doing what they did.
Or, maybe, they would have done it anyway; it was not a planned act, it was something that started with words, led to blows, and then led to rape. It was a situation that escalated. If they had raped her knowing they could be hanged for it, they wouldn't just throw her and her friend out of the bus. They would be too scared to do so. Instead, they would probably drive them in the bus to some remote spot, and kill them both, and destroy the bodies.
The poor parents and families would then have to go to the police saying they were missing. The police would probably not take it seriously, thinking the couple had eloped. They might register a missing person complaint, at last. The case would languish for years, because there would be no special fast track system for missing person complaints.
It is possible that no one would ever know what happened.