Friday, October 12, 2012

Aiyya, my 1 min review

The first half hour left me cringing and thinking aiyya, why did I come here, and aiyyo, when will this end...but the film and its band of quirky characters gradually grew on me. Rani Mukherjee is cute in her role of Meenaxi, an ordinary girl with a tendency to escape into her own mental, filmy wonderland. The handsome and fragrant (!) Prithviraj enters her real and fantasy worlds 
and all is soon chaos.
The references to Alice in Wonderland make this a layered narrative, more sophisticated than it appears at first. The film is entertaining with its over the top songs and dances, but in the end it is the quieter moments and scenes that work better for the most part. The only exception is towards the climax of the film, where one sharp descent into madness is dark and edgy.
The ending is too pat, the beginning too abrupt, but somewhere in the middle there's a film that aficionados of cheap desi cinema, like me, would enjoy.


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Rajkumbh said...

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