Friday, February 01, 2013

DAVID: The one minute review

The characters are fascinating, the music is excellent and varied, most scenes are beautifully shot, the actors are variously menacing, or quirky, or charming, as required by their various roles, the actresses are all talented and very beautiful except Isha Sharvani, who is's all good, except that the three strands of the story never become one coherent story. Was that the whole idea, that it SHOULD remain three separate strands? Well, then, I'm afraid that left me feeling rather unsatisfied as a viewer.
As anyone who's ever written a book of fiction can tell you, there is a crucial difference between real life and fiction. Real life can get away with not making sense, not having a neat resolution, not bothering with a nicely paced progression. Fiction mostly can't. 
That's the trouble with David. I went looking for a film with 3 lives, and 3 destinies that I expected would somehow be connected by the one name. I got exactly what was advertised: 3 lives, 3 destinies, one name. And no connection. Well, very little. In that lack of connection between the Davids, the filmmaker lost his connect with me.
Nonetheless, David can be pleasurably watched just for all the things that are right about it, and director Bejoy Nambiar should be complimented for all the things he did right. He also deserves kudos for showing the courage to experiment, in a field where playing safe is the default option. 

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