Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Besharam: The 1 min review

Besharam is fully faltu. It is also, as it should be for its name, quite shameless. Director Abhinav Kashyap has made a film that is Dabangg lite minus Salman Khan. He also probably made it without a scriptwriter, because I saw no evidence in the movie that there was one. However there is indeed a lot of Bollywood's bright new hope Ranbir Kapoor making an ass of himself, with the encouragement and support of his doting parents Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, who play major roles in the film. You could therefore call it family entertainment, by and for the Kapoor family.

A lot of the tomfoolery, dialogue baazi and action references other films, including Kung Fu Hustle.
Even the name of Rishi Kapoor in the film is referential; he is called Chulbul Chautala, to Salman bhai's Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg. The humour descends to scatalogical quite early in the film. There are also three cheap, peppy songs, one shootout and a car chase within the first hour.
As we all know, every hero in every such film must have a signature move; in this film, Ranbir's is adjusting his testicles in his always overtight trousers. Given all this, I am confident that the film will do really well at the box office. It could even hit the Rs 100 crore mark. The only reason I'm not sure of that is because it's a Salman Khan movie without Salman. 

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