Saturday, November 02, 2013

KRRISH 3, my 1 min review

Krrish 3 is the SECOND part in the Krrish superhero series, and tells a familiar tale of good superhero fighting evil arch villain. Here’s the recipe. First, cook up a superhero, named Krrish. Take ⅓ Superman, ¼ Batman, ¼ Spiderman and marinate in Bollywood masala. Then pit him against villain Kaal, who is ⅔ Magneto of X Men (but looks more like Professor X) and ⅕ Iron Man gone nuts, marinated in 1980s Bollywood villain masala. Toss in a few more mutants into the mix. Add a dash of Bharatiya sanskriti and dollops of emotional melodrama. Garnish lightly with song and dance. Stir vigorously in Mumbai melting pot with plenty of special effects, ripped bodies, and smashing action. Your superhero film is ready.

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